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Questions and Answers with Maria Bonacuse

Maria, can you share the value of an eyelash lift service?
Curling eyelashes visually changes face shape bringing the focus to the eyes. Customers, generally, prefer a semi-permanent eyelash lifts as there's no maintenance. Just wait 24 hours before getting eyelashes wet and return in 6 weeks.

Hey Maria, just what is an eyelash lift? Hey Maria, just what is an eyelash lift?
An eyelash lift curls or 'lifts' otherwise straight eyelashes.. I use an eye safe permanent system to give your eyelashes semi-permanent curl for 6-8 weeks. Get yours and say goodbye to your eyelash curler!


Maria please explain SPM or semi permanent mascara
Semi permanent makeup or SPM gives the appearance and feel of mascara lasting about 3-4weeks. SPM pairs well with an eyelash lift, and tint in some instances,  applied directly to the lashes coating each eyelash with the product. It's like the little black dress for your eyelashes!!

My lashes are dark, Maria, how do I look better with a tint after my eyelash lift?

Eyelashes often appear dark but  closer look often reveals light ends which become even lighter after an eyelash lift.  Tinting eyelashes makes eyelashes appear longer and the tint lasts longer.

Questions and Answers Makeup Artist Maria Bonacuse


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