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About Maria Bonacuse, Owner MBMUA, LLC

Who is Maria Bonacuse?

A licensed cosmetologist in Pennsylvania and New York, I'm a mom, makeup artist, skincare therapist and hair stylist. I’m into all things beauty and fashion from my base in Scranton while also traveling to New York City and Philadelphia about four to six times each month constantly improving my education and experience in the field, and of course to shop, also becoming a respected mentor in my field, as well.

Loving my profession is an understatement having had  the amazing opportunity to train and work with some of the top makeup artists in the industry, working on photo shoots and commercial sets with a few celebrities. If there is one thing i could say about myself, I absolutely LOVE to spend money on makeup and skincare products. Many of my former brides probably won’t hesitate in telling you that I'm slightly crazy about doing a beautiful job.

My Services

I provide all kinds of fun stuff. I do bridal beauty and fashion editorial makeup on location or in my studio.  I also provide a huge menu of skincare, waxing and brow bar services at the salon. I’m currently finishing up the new studio space, so drop by and visit me! As far as locations go, I serve any location you may need. Locally, it’s usually at no extra cost; out of the area is usually a nominal fee to cover mileage expenses.

Why should a bride hire a professional makeup artist?

A bride hiring a professional makeup artist on her one in a life time wedding day matters. When  spending thousands on a professional photographer looking flawless in your photos justifies the expense and lasts your lifetime. 

Cut the stress!  Makeup artists know what it takes to look perfect on camera and I use great products  keeping  your makeup in place for 24 plus hours.  Hiring a professional makeup artist is more of an investment than a luxury; and the photos will show the pay off of your investment!

What I love most about my job!

Well, I could go on for days answering let's keep it short and concise. One part I love most about my work is meeting so many beautiful people; I get to work with so many different skin tones, brow and eye shapes and I get to play in makeup almost every day. I enjoy constantly learning new things through trial and error and always improving my craft.

I love most working with so many skin conditions and types  pinpointing someone’s specific skin issues offering excellent products to use and seeing the happy satisfaction in the results. One last part I love most about my job is that I get to keep up on my education and I’m knowledgeable when it comes to answering my clients questions. Being a makeup artist and skincare therapist is not just my job, it’s my livelihood. I find so much joy and excitement in my work. I can only hope my clients see how passionate I am and know that I love what I do!

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